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Close-up Magician | Trade Show Magician | Private Parties

Steve will be performing at the Magic Castle in the Close-Up Gallery from 5-7pm.


  • Close-up Magician
  • Trade Show Magician
  • Private Parties

Steve Silverman has been a performing close-up magician for over 30 years and has entertained audiences of all ages in almost every venue:

Steve Silverman has a unique sense of humor which permeates his magic.  However, do not be fooled, this guy isn't about jokes. He will blow your socks off with the most amazing sleight-of-hand close-up magic you have ever seen.
- Charles Peters, The Arlingtons

Steve Silverman at the Magic Castle

Steve has also written for several magic industry magazines, tipping some of his inside work to other magicians, and has also self-produced a highly successful teaching DVD which contains his original creations.