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Steve-Silverman-WEBSteve learned the power of magic early in life when he made his aunt's jaw drop with a magic trick he learned from a library book. And yes, there was that magic set he received as a kid.

Since magic rarely comes that easy, it wasn't until years later that Steve developed an interest in sleight-of-hand. In the early 1970's Steve received a guest pass to the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. This was the first time he saw magic in the hands of real professionals and it was a turning point in his magical life.

Before long, Steve auditioned to become a member of The Magic Castle (a.k.a. The Academy of Magical Arts). Membership in this unique club offers one an excellent opportunity to study the art and learn from the masters. Once a member, Steve spent much time at the Castle absorbing what he could from the living legends who frequented the establishment. After many unscheduled and impromptu performances, Steve finally worked up the nerve to audition for, and to perform in the Castle's Close-Up Gallery. This was an almost lifelong dream-come-true.

Steve's ideas have since appeared in various magic periodicals and books, and he is an occasional guest lecturer at magic organizations around the country.

Although magic is his passion, Steve maintains a professional career as a senior engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA.